EhLogin - Sistema di Auto Login per i giocatori Premium

EhLogin - Sistema di Auto Login per i giocatori Premium 2.5.1

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Versioni di Minecraft compatibili
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

MC-Security non approva in alcun modo risorse crackate e consiglia tutti gli utenti di acquistare sempre i plugins da SpigotMC.
I plugins condivisi, sono INATTIVI e non più supportati da parte dei developers.

Auth plugin for bungeecord with many features that allows premium users to autologin on the server and cracked players to use premium nicknames.

  • Option to allow or block cracked clients to use premium username.
  • Possibility of original clients to login automatically when logged in with an original launcher.
  • Session for non-premium users
  • Premium users can have their original UUID, allowing the username change and keeping the same UUID.
  • Anti-bot system (AuthMe like)
    • Possibility to check each IP connected to detect proxy
    • Block countries (countries codes)
    • Block users IPs
  • Supported algorithms to encrypt passwords:
    • Supported password encryption algorithms: MD5, SHA1, SHA256, xAuth, Whirlpool
    • Supported alternative registration methods:
      • PHPBB, VBulletin: MD5VB - PHPBB
      • Xenforo: XFBCRYPT
      • MyBB: MYBB
      • IPB3: IPB3
      • IPB4: IPB4
      • PhpFusion: PHPFUSION
      • Joomla: JOOMLA
      • WBB3: WBB3*
      • SHA512: SHA512
      • WordPress: WORDPRESS
  • User restrictions
    • Register limits by IP
    • Users connected with same IP on the server
  • Default ips to insert on database and block proxy ips from the most bot hacks
  • Obs: Bungeecord needs to be online_mode = true and ip_forward = true. Spigot servers need to be onlinemode = false
How to setup
  • On Bungeecord install EhLogin.jar and on config.yml set:
    • ip_forward: true
    • online_mode: true
  • On Spigot install EhLogin.jar and on
    • set:
      • online-mode=false
    • spigot.yml set
      • bungeecord: true
  • Player commands
    • /login <password>
    • /register <password> <password>
    • /cpw <password> <password>
    • /unregister <senha>
    • /autologin <true/false> - Enable or disable autologin for premium users (only for premium players)
      • Permission: ehlogin.user.autologin
  • Admin Commands (ehlogin.admin) – Alias /auth
    • /antibot blacklist add <ip>
    • /antibot blacklist remove <ip>
    • /antibot protection normalize
    • /ehlogin register <player> <password> <autologin>
    • /ehlogin unregister <player>
    • /ehlogin cpw <player> <password>
    • /ehlogin autologin <player> <true/false>
    • /auth autologin all true/false
  • Import account from xAuth and AuthMe
    • /ehlogin import authme/xauth host port database user pass table
version: 1
debug: false
database: ip: localhost password: passworld username: username name: minecraft
config: language: en uuidFix: true guestCanUseChat: false playersCanUsePremiumNickname: true uuidCache: useCache: true expireTimeInDays: 4
restrictions: allowedCommands: - /login - /register
session: useSession: true sessionTime: 1h
register: enabled: true showRegisterInstructions: false maxAccountsByIP: 2 passwordHash: XAUTH
login: maxConnectionsPerIP: 3 hideLoggedWithPremiumMessage: false
protection: country: useCountryProtection: false whitelist: - BR - PT blacklist: - A1 antibot: useAntiBot: true duration: 15 sensibility: 10 proxy: checkPlayerIP: false urlCheck:[email protected]&flags=m&ip={IP} regexPositive: '1'
purge: useAutoPurge: false daysBeforeRemovePlayer: 60

mojangapi-error: kick-reason: '&7MojangAPI is shutdown!'
player: logged-with-premium: '&9[Auth] &7Signed via premium account' restored-session: '&9[Auth] &7Your session has been restored' pre-signin: '&9[Auth] &cSign in using: &e/login <password>' pre-signup: '&9[Auth] &cSign up using: &e/register <password> <password>' already-online: '&9[Auth] &cThe player with this nickname is already online.' invalid-name: Invalid Name! invalid-ip: Invalid IP! too-much-ip: Too many connections from this IP address
changepassword: player-isnt-logged: '&9[Auth] &cLog in first to change your password' correct-usage: '&9[Auth] &cCorrect use: &e/changepass <password> <repeat password>' incorrect-password: '&9[Auth] &cIncorrect password' changed-password: '&9[Auth] &7Your password has been changed successfully'
login: player-already-logged: '&9[Auth] &cYou are already logged in' player-arent-registered: '&9[Auth] &cYou aren''t registered.' correct-usage: '&9[Auth] &7Correct use: &e/login <password>' incorrect-password: '&9[Auth] &cIncorrect password.' incorrect-password-premium: '&9[Auth] &cIf you forget you password. Type /protect false to disable the login' successfully-login: '&9[Auth] &7You have been logged in successfully.' premium-account-1: '&9[Auth] &aIt seems that your account is premium. Enable automatic login &e/autologin true' premium-account-2: '&cBut beware, if you do not use an original launcher, you will be unable to enter the server'
autologin: player-is-not-premium: '&9[Auth] &cYou are not premium!' correct-usage: '&9[Auth] &cEnable login using: &e/autologin <true/false>' login-enabled: '&9[Auth] &cLogin enabled! Now you need to autenticate every time' login-disabled: '&9[Auth] &cLogin disabled! You need to have a premium account and a original minecraft launcher' player-must-to-be-logged: '&9[Auth] &cYou must be logged'
register: register-disabled: '&9[Auth] &cIn-game registration is disabled!' instructions: Tell us how to register player-is-already-logged: '&9[Auth] &cYou are already logged in' player-is-already-registered: '&9[Auth] &cYou are already registered' correct-usage: '&9[Auth] &cCorrect use: &e/register <password> <repeat password>' successfully-registered: '&9[Auth] &7You have been registered successfully' password-doesnt-match: '&9[Auth] &cPasswords doesn''t match' multi-accounts: '&9[Auth] &cYou have other accounts' premium-account-1: '&9[Auth] &aIt seems that your account is premium. Enable automatic login &e/autologin true' premium-account-2: '&cBut beware, if you do not use an original launcher, you will be unable to enter the server'
unregister: correct-usage: '&9[Auth] &7Correct use: &e/unregister <password>' player-must-to-be-logged: '&9[Auth] &cYou must be logged' incorrect-password: '&9[Auth] &cIncorrect password' successfully-unregistered: '&9[Auth] &7You have been unregistered in successfully'
antibot: enable: '&4[AntiBotService] AntiBot enabled due to the huge number of connections!' disable: '&2[AntiBotService] AntiBot disabled disabled after %m minutes!' kick-enabled: AntiBot protection mode is enabled! You have to wait some minutes before joining the server
admin: unregister: correct-usage: '&9[Auth] &cCorrect usage: &e/ehlogin unregister <player>' dont-find-the-player: '&9[Auth] &cDon''t find a player!' player-isnt-registered: '&9[Auth] &cPlayer isn''t registered!' successfully-unregistered: '&9[Auth] &cPlayer unregister successfully!' kick: '&cYour account has been unregistered!' register: correct-usage: '&9[Auth] &cCorrect usage: &e/ehlogin register <player> <password> <autologin>' find-player: '&9[Auth] &cPlayer already in register!' successfully-registered-other: '&9[Auth] &7Player have been registered successfully' successfully-registered: '&9[Auth] &7You have been registered successfully' changepassword: successfully-changed: '&9[Auth] &7Password changed successfully' correct-usage: '&9[Auth] &cCorrect usage: &e/ehlogin cpw <player> <password>'
dont-have-permission: '&cYou don''t have permission'
multi-accounts-login: '&7You have other accounts on this server!'
In Development
  • Purge system of old accounts
  • Import system of others plugins (Like AuthMe, xAuth and others)

Please visit this link to report any problems or questions. We will be happy to correct problems and implement new features in the plugin. After all, also I use the plugin on my server.

Bitbucket -
Please, read this article before post any bug.

Additional Information

  • ▶ Contact:
    • Private Message
  • ▶ License:
  • ▶ No refunds, if you have problems related to plugin, please contact me
  • ▶ You may not decompile the plugin, it violates the license and will be subject to law.
  • ▶ You may not leak or redistribute this plugin, it violates the license and will be subject to law.
  • ▶ You can only run on only one instance of the bungeecord network.
  • By using the plugin, you agree to share information to keep the plugin secure.
  • This plugin is based on AutoIn, Bungee Premium Authenticator and FastLogin
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