UltimateBackpacks 1.2.5

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Versioni di Minecraft compatibili
1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
Plugin works in 1.7 until 1.12


MC-Security non approva in alcun modo risorse crackate e consiglia tutti gli utenti di acquistare sempre i plugins da SpigotMC.
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Ultimate backpacks

Players can have custom amount of backpack to save their items, you can configurate things like pages number, death backpack items when player is death, design, and more.​



  • Works on 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11!, (I have tested all of these versions).
  • Command /backpack.
  • Supports UUID.
  • Saves the enchantments, descriptions, names, datas, more.
  • Get more pages by custom permission.
  • Perfecto to vip players!
  • Configuration.
  • Custom file each player.
  • Backpacks per world! (NEW).
  • Item on join (to open the backpack).
  • Shop (NEW), now players can buy backpack! (Look the screenshots).
You can set option to give item to open backpack!.

In the new version you can set custom size and custom line size!


  • "backpack." + "number of page", example: backpack.5
  • backpack.death
  • backpack.item (This permission is only used when the permission to item is active)
# Ultimate backpacks configuration!
INVENTORY: PER_WORLD: false DISABLED_WORLDS: - world.example DROP_BACKPACK_ITEMS_ON_DEATH: false MAX_SIZE: 5 NAME: '&6{player}''s backpack &8- &7{size}' MENU_LINES_SIZE: 4 BAR_ITEM_TYPE: STAINED_GLASS_PANE:1:7 NEXT_PAGE: NAME: '&6&n&lNext page' MATERIAL: SUGAR_CANE DATA-VALUE: 0 AMOUNT: 1 DESCRIPTION: - '&7Click here to next.' BACK_PAGE: NAME: '&6&n&lBack page' MATERIAL: SUGAR_CANE DATA-VALUE: 0 AMOUNT: 1 DESCRIPTION: - '&7Click here to back.' HEAD: NAME: '&6&lYour backpack!' DESCRIPTION: - '&7Backpack size is: &6{backpack_size}' CRAFT_TABLE: ENABLE: true MATERIAL: WORKBENCH NAME: '&aCrafting table!' DESCRIPTION: - '&7Click here to craft something!' - ' ' - '{status}' PERMISSION: backpack.craftingtable STATUS: 'YES': '&aYou can use this!' 'NO': '&cYou don''t have permission!'
PLAYER_JOIN: ITEM: ENABLE: true PERMISSION-GIVE: false NAME: '&6&lBackpack' MATERIAL: LEATHER DATA-VALUE: 0 AMOUNT: 1 DESCRIPTION: - '&7Click to open your backpack!' ENCHANTED: true SLOT: 8
MESSAGES: DONT_BACKPACK: '&c(&4!&c) You don''t have backpack!.' BACKPACK_OPENED: '&a(&3!&a) Your backpack has been opened.' DISABLED_IN_THIS_WORLD: '&c(&4!&c) &cBackpacks aren''t allowed in this world.' ON_DROP_BACKPACK_ITEMS: '&c(&4!&c) &cWarning!, You''ve just lost your items of backpack!' SHOP_OPENED: '&a(&3!&a) The shop has been opened.' BACKPACK_PURCHASED: '&a(&3!&a) Successfully purchased!, You have another backpack, use /backpack' ALREADY_HAVE: '&c(&4!&c) You already have this backpack!' INVALID_BACKPACK: '&c(&4!&c) First you have to buy backpack {backpack_valid}!' BUY_NOT_AVAILABLE: '&c(&4!&c) The shop isn''t enabled!' DONT_HAVE_PERMISSION_TO_BUY: '&c(&4!&c) You don''t have permission to buy this backpack!'
SHOP: ENABLE: true TITLE: '&6&nBackpack shop!' BACKPACK: LEATHER:1:0 HEAD: NAME: '&7&oBuy backpacks!' DESCRIPTION: - '&7Coins: &6{player_money}' DESCRIPTION: - '&7Extend your backpack inventory with this!' - '&7Status: {status}' - '' - '&6Price: ${price}' STATUS: VARIABLE: AVAILABLE: '&aYes' NOT_AVAILABLE: '&cNo' NAME: AVAILABLE: '&aBackpack {size}' NOT_AVAILABLE: '&cBackpack {size}' PERMISSION_TO_BUY: '1': '&cYou need &7backpack.buy.1&c permission to buy this backpack!' '2': '&cYou need &7backpack.buy.2&c permission to buy this backpack!' '3': '&cYou need &7backpack.buy.3&c permission to buy this backpack!' '4': '&cYou need &7backpack.buy.4&c permission to buy this backpack!' '5': '&cYou need &7backpack.buy.5&c permission to buy this backpack!' BACKPACKS_PRICES: '1': 900 '2': 1800 '3': 2700 '4': 3600 '5': 4500 PERMISSION_TO_BUY_BACKPACK: '1': NONE '2': NONE '3': backpack.buy.3 '4': backpack.buy.4 '5': backpack.buy.5
COMMAND: BUY: pex user {player} add {backpack_permission}
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